Cove Lane Pottery

Deb McCarty

About 15 years ago, a friend asked me to join her in a pottery class. Neither of us had ever tried it and since then I have been obsessed. My husband jokes that I look at the world as it relates to pottery. Just about anything can be used as a mold or tool for creating with clay. I have not found any part of making pottery that I do not like. I don’t even mind cleaning kiln shelves (much).


When I first started working with clay, I worked strictly on the wheel and still love creating new, fun pieces, such asmugs,platters chip and dips, and lobster sets. Painting on some of these pieces is very time consuming, but the results are fun and whimsical.  In later classes, I was introduced to the art of hand building. Creating with slabs, pinch pots and coils. I still cannot make coils (snakes as my husband says) very well, but I really enjoy working with slabs to make fish, pine cones, dinnerware and anything I can dream up. It was my husband’s birthday that inspired me to begin making fish. I started with a striped bass, his favorite to catch at the Cape. A friend suggested that I try other species…and that was it. I have added black sea bass, flounder, bluefish, scup (my personal favorite) and now a horseshoe crab.


There are so many ideas and not enough hours in the day. I have agreat studio at my home in Canton, and I love the work space at the Cape that I set up a few years ago,  actually on Cove Lane. It is out by my garden, under a tent with a beautiful salt air breeze. Whenever I can escape to create, I feel truly fortunate and enjoy every minute.