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Sea-Inspired Pottery for Sale

Painted Mugs

If you're looking to add some of my creations to your collection, I offer a number of pieces for sale and accept special orders. All of my pottery is handmade and hand-painted, meaning that every item you buy is unique. This also means that sizes are approximate, and colors may vary slightly from my example pieces. Browse all of my pottery for sale to find the piece that you connect with.

Purchase Pottery Anywhere in the Country

I believe that my work is special, and can bring a spark of fun to any customer. Because of this belief, I offer shipping across the nation. Shipping costs are included in the purchase price, and I carefully package the piece you order to protect it on its journey to you. If it arrives broken, I will gladly replace it. For special orders, a general expected timeframe is between eight and ten weeks, to ensure the quality you deserve.

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